Gender School and society – Question Bank for B.ed 1st Year Best Notes

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Gender School and society

Gender School and society
Gender School and society

Gender School and society – B.ed Questions

Unit 1.

10 Mark Questions

1. Describe the global perspectives on gender

2. Give a detailed overview of the functionalist and integrationist perspectives on gender. Highlight the issues related to gender inequality and girl child education. Suggest ways to overcome these issues.

3. Infer the meaning of gender from the functionalist perspective. Analyze the reason for the existence of gender inequality in India.

4. Elucidate the meaning of gender from the biological and conflict perspectives. Discuss the role of family, religious culture, and media and their influence on gender roles with a relevant illustration.

4 Mark Questions

1. State the issues related to inequality in India

2. Elucidate the perspectives of gender studies

3. Bring out various agencies for women’s education

4. Suggest the role of research in gender perspectives

5. Highlight the approaches to evaluate the textbooks and media from gender perspectives.

6. What do you mean by global perspectives on gender identity and explain the status of Indian women?

7. Define inequality and enumerate the inequality problems faced by the society in India


2 Mark Questions

1. Define gender

2. How does the evaluation of textbooks and media from a gender perspective help in gender identity construction?

3. Mention the importance of education for girl child

4. List out the agencies for offering women education

5. Justify how the term gender differs from the sex

6. What is meant by gender perspective?

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Unit 2

1. Explain in detail about formal, informal, and non-formal education

2. Explain the social institutions i.e. family, caste, religion, culture, media, law, and state and their influences on gender roles

4 Mark Questions

1. Deduce the role of family, media, law, and the state as social institutions in developing gender equality

2. Deduce the reasons of how religion caste culture and media impose an indirect authority over women.

3. Explain the influence of media on gender roles

4. Analyse the role of formal and informal agencies of education in the dissemination of k knowledge and awareness on gender-related issues.

5. Elucidate the following terms citing relevant examples: a. social system, b. social structure, c. social stratification

2 Mark Questions

1. What do you mean by social stratification?

2. Differentiate informal and nonformal education

3. What is meant by social stratification? Mention few stratification strategies

4. What are formal and nonformal agencies of education

5. What are the elements of society?

6. What is a social system?

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Unit 3


1. Enumerate the linkages and differences between reproductive and sexual rights

2. Explain the importance of addressing sexual harassment in families, neighbourhoods, and institutions

3. Explain the agencies i.e. family, school, workplace, print and electronic media perpetuate violence

4. Give a detailed overview on the development of sexuality in general and sexual identity among children in the following contexts:

a. Body image,

b. Role models,

C. Duties and responsibilities

4 Mark Questions

1. What are the problems faced by working women?

2. Analyse the varying gender roles of men and women in the 21st-century context.

3. Justify the need and importance of addressing sexual harassment in family, neighbourhood and workplace.

4. Bring out the differential treatment between gender in family and neighbourhood

5. Present an overview of how media, workplace, and family perpetuate violence against women. Suggest ways to prevent gender-based violence

6. Explain the role of institutions in redressing sexual harassment and abuse

7. Discuss the need for social and emotional understanding in the development of sexuality

8. What is meant by sexual harassment? Suggest precautionary measures based on how girl children and women may be saved from harassment in family, workplace and neighbourhood environments.

2 Mark Questions

1. Analyse the role of print media in addressing violence

2. Write a note on the institutions redressing sexual harassment and abuse

3. Mention the gender roles

4. Define emotions and how they will affect our daily life

5. Infer the meaning of gender abuse.

6. Highlight a few gender-related issues in schools and the workplace

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Unit 4


1. Give an account of constitutional provisions for women rights and human rights

2. Enumerate the various life skill courses that can be offered to deal with gender issues. Analyse the role of teacher as an agent of social change.


4 Mark Questions


1. Bring out the current status of women reservation bill

2. Write a note on women reservation bill

3. Elucidate the property rights of women with a historical perspectives

4. Enumerate a few constitutional rights, amendments and laws aiming to protect and support women against dowry, diversity, inheritance and re-marriage

5. Point out the merits of the Indian constitution in women’s rights

6. Why is women’s day celebrated? Why not men day celebration in India- discuss


2 Mark Questions


1. highlights few gender inputs embedded in the subject areas and textbooks

2. state the importance of the women’s reservation bill

3. Define dowry in India. It is only from women or men? Justify

4. state the reason for diversity among the young generation in India

5. suggest the ways to improve the quality of Government schools

6. mention the importance of appointment women teachers in school

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Unit 5


10 Mark Questions


1. Elucidate the significant aspects of curricular and co-curricular activities to achieve gender parity. Discuss how teachers can act as an agent of change in achieving gender parity.

2. Give an account of social reform movements for women empowerment and explain the causes of gender disparities


4 Mark Questions


1. state the significance of life skill course to deal with gender issues

2. Enumerate the role of the social reform movement on women empowerment

3. Explain the nature of the sustainable approach of women empowerment

4. Highlight the curricular and co-curricular activities through which gender parity may be activated. Present illustration

5. Explain the concept of a sustainable approach towards achieving gender, equality and empowerment

6. Suggest the remedial measures to nurture gender parity

7. Analyse the implications of co-education at high school, higher secondary and higher education levels in developing gender parity, equality and empowerment.

8. Education is an important tool of women empowerment – analysis

9. Give a brief account on the national and state-level agencies that work to uphold women’s rights, women education and development.

10. Discuss on the various incentives that are provided to girls and women to support and empower them in education, profession and family life.

11. Infer the strategies through which school children and college students may be oriented towards developing gender parity, gender equality and empowerment.


2 Mark Questions


1. state the merits of co-education in gender parity

2. what are the strategies to develop gender parity

3. mention a few women empowerment programmes that you can conduct in educational institutions

4. write on the life skill courses to deal with gender issues

5. What do you mean by the sustainable approach of women empowerment?

6. Infer the concept of gender bias in education

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