General Science – Best 150 Biology MCQs – Zoology Questions

Biology is the science(Vigyan) of life that also deals with the physicochemical aspects of life. For the convenience of the study, it is divided into several branches including botany, zoology, morphology, etc. Let us solve an interesting quiz based on life science (Best 150 Biology MCQs) that will help in the preparation of competitive examinations and enhance knowledge.

Biology MCQs
Biology MCQs

Biology is a life science in which we study phenomena including origin, growth, reproduction, structure, and behavior. It is derived from the Greek words “bios” means life and “logos” means study. That is the study of life. 

After giving all the tests, match yourself with the answer key given below and know how many questions are correct.

150 Biology MCQs – Zoology Questions | जीव विज्ञान

101. The structure that covers the cartilage is known as—

(A) Pericardium            (B) Perichondrium

(C) Periosteum            (D) Perineurium


102. In humans, which one of the following is a sex-Linked disease?

(A) Albinism                   (B) Sickle cell anemia

(C) Hemophilia              (D) Phenylketonuria


103. Peyers patches produce—

(A) Lymphocytes          (B) Entorokinase

(C) Trypsin                   (D) Mucous


104. In malarial infection, lysolecithin that further destroys the RBCs is probably secreted by—

(A) Liver               (B) Plasmodium

(C) Spleen          (D) White blood cells


105. Which ones is the causative agent of plague?

(A) Yersinia postis                 (B) Yersinia pseudotuberculosis

(C) Yersinia entorocolitica    (D) Pneumocoocus


106. Which of the following pathogen caused whooping cough?

(A) Bordetella pertussis         (B) Brucella meltensis

(C) Legionella sp.                  (D) Vibrio cholerae


107. Lymphokines are produced by—

(A) Antigen simulated thymus-dependent lymphocytes

(B) Antibody stimulated thyroid dependent lymphocytes

(C) Antigen stimulated thymus independent hepatocytes

(D) Antibody stimulated thymus-dependent Lithocytes


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108. A substance present in certain individuals that stimulate the production of antibodies in other members of the same species but not in the donor is—

(A) Aloantigen     (B) lsoantigen    (C) Basoantigen    (D) Both (A) and (B)


109. Precipintest s performed to detect—

(A) Fats               (B) Carbohydrate            

(C) Lipids            (D) Specific antigens


110. Which one of the following is used by most animals for long-term energy storage?

(A) Glycogen        (B) Starch           (C) Fat          (D) Cholesterol


111. Which of the following materials s removed from the filtrate at the loop of Henle?

(A) Glucose      (B) Water        (C) Ammonia        (D) Urea


112. The osmoregulatory tissue in all animals is—

(A) Epithelial         (B) Connective           

(C) Nervous         (D) Muscle


113. White blood cells that e non-specific killers of microbes are—

(A) Cytotoxic T cells              (B) Suppressor T cells 

(C) Killer T cells                    (D) Helper T cells


114. Antibodies are synthesized by—

(A) B lymphocytes                (B) Phagocytes   

(C) Helper T-lymphocytes    (D) Killer T-lymphocytes


115. The term humor refers to—

(A) Bone marrow            (B) Plasma and lymph  

(C) All internal tissue      (D) All subcutaneous tissue 

116. In an allergic reaction, the allergens bind to—

(A) Ig G group (B) Ig M group (C) Ig A group (D) Ig E group

117. The virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) invades—

(A) B cells               (B) Cytotoxic T cells

(C) Helper T cells  (D) The membranes of lymph nodes

118. Coenzyme A, which combines with the acetyl group, comes from

(A) Zinc           (B) lron          (C) Vitamin A         (D) Pantothenic acid

119. In the conversion of pyruvic acid to acetyl coenzyme A, pyruvic acid is—

(A) Oxidized               

(B) Reduced

(C) Broken into one-carbon fragment 

(D) Isomerized

120. DNA replication occurs in which stage of the cell cycle?

(A) Gy phase                   (B) S phase 

(C) Gy phase                  (D) All of the above

121. Mitosis is the process by which eukaryotic cells—

(A) Grow 

(B) Multiply

(C) Become specialized in structure and function 

(D) Expose the genes for protein synthesis

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122. A virus consists of—

(A) Cell membrane and chromosome 

(B) Protein coat and nucleic acid molecules

(C) Lipid coat, genes, and ribosomes 

(D) Protein coat, genes, and mitochondria

123. Group of conspecific individuals, commonly forming a breeding unit, sharing a particular habitat at a given time, is—

(A) Individuality 

(B) Family 

(C) Population 

(D) Species

124. Human blood groups—A, B, AB, and O, are an example of—

(A) Gradualism 

(B) Cline 

(C) Gradient of diploidy 

(D) Multiple allelism

125. The stages between larval molts in an insect are called—

(A) Pupae (B) Instars (C) Grubs (D) Caterpillars

126. The rods and cones of a vertebrate retina function to—

(A) Focus light (B) Amplify light (C) Transduce light (D) Filter light

127. The development of adult characteristics in a molting insect is promoted by—

(A) Thyroxine (B) Ecdysone (C) Juvenile hormone (D) A pheromone

128. Which enzyme catalyzes the synthesis of a new strand for a DNA molecule, by linking nucleotides to the developing strand?

(A) DNA ligase 

(B) DNA polymerase

(C) Single-strand binding proteins 

(D) Topoisomerase

129. When genetic material is exchanged, via cytoplasmic bridges, between two prokaryotes, the process is called—

(A) Transformation 

(B) General transduction

(C) Restricted transduction 

(D) Conjugation

130. Prezygotic isolation mechanism prevents successful—

(A) Gamete production  

(B) Fertilization 

(C) Zygote development 

(D) Reproduction of hybrids

131. Sodium-potassium pump—

(A) Transport Na+ and K+ out of the neuron 

(B) Transport Na+ into the neuron and K+ out

(C) Transport K+ into the neuron and Na+ out 

(D) Transport Na+ and K+ into the neuron

132. The humoral immune system defends mostly against bacteria and viruses in the—

(A) Body fluids 

(B) Digestive tract 

(C) Internal organs 

(D) Regions beneath the skin

133. The polymerase chain reaction is related with—

(A) Cloning of DNA 

(B) Amplification of DNA 

(C) Selective replication of DNA 

(D) All of the above

134. Sinoatrial node is located in the—

(A) Right atrium 

(B) Left atrium 

(C) Left ventricle 

(D) Right ventricle

135. The harmful of one microorganism on another owing to the release of secondary metabolic products into the environment is—

(A) Parasitism 

(B) Allopathy 

(C) Allelopathy 

(D) Homeopathy

136. The migrating birds rely on the—

(A) Highly efficient aerobic oxidation of fats 

(B) Anaerobic oxidation of glucose

(C) Anaerobic oxidation of proteins 

(D) All of the above

Answer Key: 101.(B) 102.(C) 103. (A) 104. (C) 105.(A) 106.(A) 107.(A) 108.(D) 109. (D) 110. (C) 111.(B) 112.(A) 113.(D) 114.(A) 115. (B) 116. (D) 117.(C) 118.(D) 119. (A) 120. (B) 121.(B) 122.(B) 123.(C) 124.(D) 125.(B) 126.(C) 127.(B) 128.(B) 129. (D) 130.(B) 131.(C) 132.(A) 133. (D) 134. (A) 135.(C) 136.(A)

In this article, we have seen 150 multiple choice questions related to Biology( Biology MCQ, Science Mcq, General Science, Zoology Questions) which are beneficial for all competitive exams. The questions given here have questions anyway, they have been asked in various competitive examinations and are also useful for the upcoming examinations.

If all of you have liked the questions of biology given by us, then share this with your friends and do give your suggestion in the comment box. Thank you

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