Computer Best MCQ and Answers for All Exams[Pdf]

Computer Best MCQ and Answers: Nowadays questions related to computer awareness are asked in all competitive examinations, keeping in mind the same examinations, in this post very important computer questions were given for all of you which will help you in different exams like Banking, SSC, Railway, Technician etc.

Computer Best MCQ and Answers for All Exams[Pdf]

Computer Best MCQ and Answers: Four options for all the questions given to you, one of those options will be the correct answer, all of you first try to answer these questions yourself, after that see your answer from the answer key given in the last of the questions and see how many of your Question correct.

Computer Best MCQ and Answers

1. An entire path name, consisting of several sub-directory names can contain upto—

(A) 13 character   

(B) 36 character

(C) 63 character  

(D) 53 character

2. In which year the first operating system was developed—

(A) 1910        

(B) 1940

(C) 1950      

(D) 1980

3. MS-DOS developed in—

(A) 1991        

(B) 1984

(C) 1971        

(D) 1961

4. Maximum length of DOS command using any optional parameter is—

(A) 26 characters

(B) 87 characters

(C) 127 characters

(D) None of these

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5. In which version of DOS. CHKDSK command has been changed to SCANDISK ?

(A) 5.0          

(B) 6.2

(C) 6.0         

(D) 6.2

6. CHKDSK command is used to—

(A) Analyze the hard disk error

(B) Diagnose the hard disk error

(C) Report the status of files on disk

(D) All of the above

7. Which file is the batch file that is read while booting a computer ?

(A) Autoexec.bat

(B) Auto-batch

(C) Autoexecutive.bat

(D) Auto.bat

8. Which command is used to backup in DOS 6+ Version—




(D) All of the above

9. Copy and Xcopy are same in the sense—

(A) Both are internal command of DOS

(B) Both arc external commands of DOS

(C) Both can be used to copy file or group of files

(D) Both (A) and (B)

10. Which command is used to clear the screen—

(A) CLS        

(B) Clear

(C) Ciscreen          

(D) All of above

11. Internal command in DOS are—

(A) Cis, rd label

(B) Dir, ren,sys

(C) Time, type, dir

(D) Del, disk copy, label

12. Which command is used to copy files ?

(A) Copy

(B) Diskcopy

(C) Type

(D) All of the above

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13. To copy the hidden system files of DOS to another disk you can use the command—

(A) Copy     

(B) Ren

(C) Sys         

(D) Diskcopy

14. Disk copy command in DOS is used to—

(A) Copy a file

(B) Copy contents of one floppy disk to another

(C) Copy contents of CD-ROM to another

(D) All of the above

15. SYS command is used to—

(A) Copy DOS system files to new disk

(B) Copy DOS configuration files to a new disk

(C) Update the DOS system files

(D) None of the above

16. The command used to copy a file named temp.doc from drive C: to drive A : is—

(A) Copy temp.doc to a:

(B) Copy c:\temp.doc a:

(C) Copy c: a:

(D) Copy temp a: c:

17. External command in DOS are—

(A) Copy, edit, sys, format

(B) Edit, sys, chkdsk

(C) Chkdsk, prompt, date

(D) Sys, ver, vol

18. The time for which a piece of equipment operates is called—

(A) Seek time

(B) Effecive time

(C) Accss time

(D) Real time

19. Any type of storage that is used for holding information between steps in its processing is—


(B) Primary storage

(C) Intermediate storage

(D) Internal storage

20. A program component that allows structuring of a program in an unusual way is known as—

(A) Correlation

(B) Coroutine

(C) Diagonalization

(D) Quene

21. Which output device is used for translating information from a computer into pictorial form on paper—

(A) Mouse   

(B) Plotter

(C) Touch panel  

(D) Card punch

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22. The list of coded instructions is called—

(A) Computer program

(B) Algorithm

(C) Flowchart

(D Utility programs

23. A device designed to read information encoded into a small plastic card is ?

(A) Magnetic tape

(B) Badge reader

(C) Tape puncher

(D) Card puncher

24.  A group of magnetic tapes, videos or terminals usually under the control of one master is—

(A) Cylinder

(B) Cluster

(C) Surface

(D) Track

25. The first generation of computers available was based on the How much bit micro processors ?

(A) 4 

(B) 8

(C) 16

(D) 64

26. The complete picture of data stored in database is known as ?

(A) Record

(B) Schema

(C) System flowchart


27. Which is a unit representing the Bit rate—

(A) Baud     

(B) Byte

(C) Bit          

(D) All of the above

28. The personnel who deals with the computer & its management put together are called—

(A) Software          

(B) Humanware

(C) Firmware         

(D) Hardware

29. Compilers and interpreters are themselves—

(A) High-level language

(B) Codes

(C) Programs

(D) Mnemonics

30. Compression of digital data for efficient storage is—

(A) Buffer    


(C) Packing

(D) Field

31. A memory that holds micro programs is ?

(A) Core memory


(C) RAM       

(D) Control memory

32. The organization and interconnection of the various components of a computer system is—

(A) Architecture   

(B) Networks

(C) Graphics         

(D) Designing

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33. Which of the following is the coding of data so that is can’t be easily understood if intercepted.

(A) Barcode           

(B) Decoder

(C) Encryption      

(D) Mnemonics

34. Which network is a packet switching network?

(A) Ring network  


(C) Star network   

(D) EuroNET

35. Who is considered the ‘father’ of the minicomputer and one of the founder fathers of the modem computer industry world-wide? (A) George Tate

(B) Kenneth H. Olsen

(C) Seymour Cray

(D) Blaiz Pascal

36. Where have the program and data to be located before the ALU and control unit of a computer can operate on it ?

(A) Internal memory

(B) Secondary memory

(C) Microprocessor

(D) Magnetic tapes

37. Control Unit of a digital computer is often called the—

(A) Clock     

(B) Nerve center

(C) ICs         

(D) All of the above

38. Time during which a job is processed by the computer is—

(A) Delay time

(B) Real time

(C) Execution time

(D) Down time

39. The software used to convert source program instructions to object instruction is known as—

(A) Compiler

(B) Assembler

(C) Interpreter

(D) Language processor

40. An instruction that transfers program control to one or more possible paths is known as—

(A) Utility program

(B) System software

(C) Broadband channel

(D) Application program

41. A……… is simply an arrangement where multiple disk drives appear as a single disk drive to the user.

(A) disk        

(B) disk array

(C) bunch of disks

(D) disk pack

42. Which of the following holds data and processing instructions temporarily until the CPU needs it ?


(B) Control unit

(C) Main memory’

(D) Coprocessor chips

43. The language that is an input for statement translation is called—

(A) Assembly language

(B) Source language

(C) High-level language

(D) Object language

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44. Before a disk drive can access any sector record, a computer program has to provide the record’s disk address. What information does this address specify ?

(A) Track number

(B) Sector number

(C) Surface number

(D) All of the above

45. A high speed device used in CPU for temporary storage during processing is called—

(A) A register         

(B) A bus

(C) A databus      

(D) All of the above

46. The memory which is ultraviolet light erasable and electrically programmable is—

(A) ROM       


(C) RAM       


47. A hashing scheme is used with—

(A) sequential file organization

(B) direct file organization

(C) indexed sequential file organization

(D) partitioned file organization

48. The time taken for the read/write head to move to the correct track on the magnetic disk is called —

(A) epoch delay

(B) latency delay

(C) seek time

(D) approach time

49. Computer Operators—

(A) Write computer programs for specific problems

(B) Operate the devices which input and output data from the computer

(C) Normally require a college degree in computer science

(D) AU of the above

50. Why is the width of the data bus so important to the processing speed of a computer ?

(A) The narrower it is, the greater the computer’s processing speed

(B) The wider it is, the more data that can fit into main memory

(C) The wider it is, the greater the computer’s processing speed

(D) The wider it is, the slower the computer’s processing speed

Computer Best MCQ Answers Key

1. (C)2. (C)3. (A)4. (B)5. (C)
6. (B)7. (B)8. (A)9. (C)10. (C)
11. (C)12. (A)13. (B)14. (A)15. (D)
16. (C)17. (B)18. (B)19. (C)20. (B)
21. (B)22. (A)23. (B)24. (A)25. (A)
26. (B)27. (A)28. (B)29. (C)30. (C)
31. (B)32. (A)33. (C)34. (D)35. (B)
36. (A)37. (B)38. (C)39. (D)40. (C)
41. (B)42. (C)43. (B)44. (D)45. (A)
46. (D)47. (B)48.(C)49. (B)50. (C)

I hope you all have liked the questions of computer awareness, with these questions you will do well in all the examinations and through this you will also be able to increase your computer understanding.

If you liked the questions given by us, then share this post with your friends and do tell your suggestion in the comment box.

Thank you

Computer Best MCQ and Answers Pdf

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