Touchdown scorer Terrell Owens debuts

Hall of Fame Terrell Owens showed he’s still got it in his debut in the Fan Controlled Football league.

A bombastic receiver who last played in the NFL 12 years ago

Owens plays for Zappers, a team that includes the Vikings, owned by Dalvin Cook and Mets pitcher Trevor May.

The FCF is a spring football league that is trying to gain grip

Fan Controlled Football is an indoor 7-on-7 league that gives fans the opportunity to play offensive games.

also a series of gimmick rules, including the elimination of kicking and punting. 

Owens, one of the best NFL wide receivers of all time 

Owens, last game in the NFL was in 2010.  

Owens, whose name is behind his No. 81 jersey, is "Prototype81" and receives a touchdown from Laquan Horton.

Owens has suggested a return in the past

He caused controversy by not attending his ceremony because of

what he considered to be media abuse during his career.

Terrell Owens caught 153 touchdowns and averaged 15,934 yards 

in 15 NFL seasons with the 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, Bills and Bengals.

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