Naziha Salim was born in 1927 in Istanbul to Iraqi parents 

She was born into a family of Iraqi artists living in Turkey. Her father, Hajji Mohammed Salim was a painter 

Naziha  was an Iraqi artist, educator and autho

President, Jalal Talabani, described Naziha salim as "the first Iraqi woman who anchored the pillars of Iraqi contemporary art"

She was one of the first women to be awarded a scholarship to study art abroad 

She was an active participant in Iraq's arts community; a foundation member of the arts group known as Al-Ruwwad 

She authored a history of modern Iraqi art, entitled, Iraq: Contemporary Art, published by Sartec in 1977 

Naziha Salim suffered a stroke in 2003, which left her paralyzed And She dying in 2008 in Baghdad at the age of 81 

Her paintings’ themes revolve around representations of women and family 

Google pays tribute to Naziha Salim in the form of a doodle

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