Jalsa movie review

Suresh Triveni's film stars Vidya Balan as a journalist and Shefali Shah has the caretaker of her son

Much gets said and written when a female-fronted project is served to the audiences

And in Suresh Triveni's Jalsa, you get to see two such strong and fiery female characters heading the film.

It's only obvious to expect a lot of strong dialogues, emotional uproar and dramatically unfolding events, and yes, you get all of that in abundance.

But the pace, or rather the manner in which things happen, bothered me throughout.

The questions that I was left with after watching the film — is Bollywood ready for such brave and experimental cinema?

one thing that works in favour of Jalsa is that it is not trying to make a social commentary, sound preachy or educate audiences about the divide that exists between the classes.

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